So I use an App that I breathe in and out to

“So I use an App that I breathe in and out to. (Honestly now, don’t start emailing me about which App. Any will do.) It works, sorts my head out, and I’ve been less stressed since I started doing it.

Like many things in life, two minutes, job done – ha! (Sorry, ladies.)

Next, I read. Now I have three books on the go at all times. As I mentioned earlier, I used to beat myself up over having all the books and not reading them. Now? I pick the most suitable three and read one–two chapters of each of them every day. For me, a combination of an autobiography, a business/marketing/mindset book and some easy, fun-to-read fiction works well.

Then I’ll watch some stand-up comedy, some ‘grown-up cartoons’, fuck around on the Xbox or do something that makes me equally happy.


Well, we all have those days when we see an email or message and it pisses us right off. By putting myself in an awesome mood first thing, I find I’m nowhere near as bothered if someone gets on my tits or annoys me.

What I haven’t mentioned so far is what I do with my phone. One thing I don’t do is look at it till at least mid–late morning. It’s too easy to let that little fucker run your life – I know it has mine more than once – and in today’s modern world we can all be reached so easily. I’ve realised that most of the stuff you get on email and in various inboxes is rarely life or death. So don’t let that little digital prick tell you what to do.

I’ll explain why in my evening routine, but I would suggest you give your mobile number only to people like family, partner, kids and close friends.

Evening routine. A little shorter this time, but equally important. For starters – make sure you don’t have any calls or work stuff unless it’s hyper critical in the last two hours of your day. Yes, there are times when you have to go balls/ovaries deep – but try and keep the last few hours of your day to yourself.

If I am working, although I look like a massive tool, I wear funky orange glasses that block UV light. The blue light that is emitted from everything fucks up our natural rhythms, and these bad boys block that blue light so my brain senses sleepy time soon.

Oh, on that matter, make sure you get anything that emits a blue light out of your bedroom. Get some heavy-arsed blackout blinds, and keep your room a little cold.

I was taught all this by a genius called Ari Meisel. He has an amazing productivity App (called ‘Peak Time’) and a virtual assistant service that is fucking awesome. Check him out.

Again, I won’t go into detail (we’re already overwhelmed with info). Just do it. It works. You will thank me when you actually get a good night’s sleep.

In those last two hours, I turn all notifications off (except text and calls as those will be from peeps I want to be able to reach me if they need to). Really, if something’s that important, others will find a way to get hold of me, but as a rule, if I get a message that late, it can wait.

Remember whose life it is, OK?

The last few hours of the day are for you to chill. If you want to Netflix binge for a few hours, watch mindless TV, blow up zombies online or do something more refined like reading or listening to music, no one has the right to steal that time from you.

You work bloody hard enough all day; this time is for you. Be selfish with it.

Then, the final piece of the puzzle is: take that phone, take the charging cable and leave the little bastard in another room. Takes a bit of discipline, but again trust me on this. Most people are slaves to their phones. Your bedroom should be reserved for two things.

Sleeping and sex.

Or maybe building a pillow fort. That is also acceptable.


How to set your week up for success (the 3–5 system). Spend some time (I do this Sunday evening) writing down everything on paper that you want to get done. Empty your head of everything . Once you’ve got a list of things to do, you’re going to want to rank them 1, 2 or 3.

– super important

– important, but doesn’t need to be done immediately

– not time bound or critical”